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Grandmaster Pat Burleson – a special night for Karate in Austin Texas

Karate in Austin, Texas

Pat Burleson, the first United States Karate Champion in 1964.


I am honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to host Grandmaster Pat Burleson, the father of American Karate in Austin Texas.

Grandmaster Burleson is the highest ranking Grandmaster of American Karate, and a very special individual. He is one of the most respected and well known figures – an icon in the martial arts world.

He taught two fantastic classes for our students, one for our children karate students, and one for our teens and adult kickboxing students.

American Karate in Austin, Texas

Pat Burleson, the American karate icon, for one night taught Karate in Austin, Texas at Premier Martial Arts.

He covered and taught several self-defense techniques and concepts to our students.

Accommodating Grandmaster Burleson was one of his Black Belts, 7th Dan Jamie Cashion. Also in attendance were Duane “Rooster” Machen and “Lucho” Alvarez, two of the top fighters in Texas Karate history.

Our students and parents were all treated to a great evening – Thank You Grandmaster Burleson!

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